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Australian bookstore ripoff!

UPDATE – The book just arrived, I ordered on a Friday afternoon (22 May) at 5pm (local time) and the book was just delivered at 10.30am (local time) this morning (28 May).  Perfectly packaged and in perfect new condition. A+

UPDATE Thanks to @nikkinewshoes on Twitter I now know of another Aussie online bookstore – results added below

A mate of mine recently recommended I try The Book Depository, a UK based online bookstore (link) instead of getting shafted by Aussie ‘bricks and mortar’ or online stores.  I have been eyeing off American photographer Joe McNally‘s book “The Hot Shoe Diaries” and thought it would be a good opportunity to try out The Book Depository.  Here’s the results.

  1. Angus & Robertson Online (Australian bookstore) – AUD$74.95 + AUD$6.00 delivery = AUD$80.95
  2. Dymocks Online (Australian bookstore) – AUD$39.95 + AUD$6.95 delivery = AUD$46.90
  3. (USA online store) – US$26.39 + US$9.98 delivery  = US$36.37 (AUD$46.53)
  4. Fishpond (Australia online store) – AUS$35.60 + AUS$5.99 delivery = AUS$41.59
  5. The Book Depository (UK online store) – GBP£17.07 + Free delivery = GBP£17.07 (AUD$34.68)

Not only is The Book Depository the cheapest by a fair margin but shipping is free and you can also pay by PayPal or ANY credit card type.

Another great example of getting shafted in Australia!

Click here to visit this page on

Click here to visit this page on

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PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 field review

This is a field test/review of my new PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units. Testing was done in a method which represents that of a working photographer, therefore I haven’t tested the units with the antennas positioned in the numerous wacky positions suggested by PocketWizard at this page [link]

Testing notes:  I set the flash to 2/3 stop over so that it was easily visible on the tree trunk; both units had been updated from firmware 4.10 to 4.25; all batteries were fully charged and/or new.

A busy working press/editorial photographer really doesn’t have the time to constantly adjust the positioning of the units to maximize range according to PocketWizard’s tips.
I have found both units to work perfectly well in very close range however my main reason for purchasing these was to have perfect reliability. Unfortunately this is not possible in my working environment. Hopefully there will be a simple solution soon.  I still love my bunch of PocketWizard Plus II’s for remote camera triggering and simple non-ttl flash triggering however I feel pretty let down by this latest product from the PocketWizard stables.

Please note PocketWizard – I would be love to product test any new improved devices for you!
Click the “HD is off” button to watch the review in 720P high definition on Vimeo

PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 field review from Cameron Laird – Photographer on Vimeo.

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