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Cycling timelapse – attempt 01

Came up with a brainwave yesterday before going out for a ride.  Why not mount a Canon G10 on a magic-arm and shoot a timelapse during my ride?  I set the shutter to one second increments but forgot to switch off the camera AF.  Therefore the resulting increments vary between two and three seconds, the result of the camera having to focus before each shot.  With such a gap between pics the result is way too jumpy, I wanted a much smoother result – so I am definitely going to give it another shot.  Keep an eye out for a much improved result (hopefully!) :-)

Speed Cycling! from Cameron Laird – Photographer on VimeoFull 1280×720 HD version here

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The Seagull Whisperer Wallpaper giveaway

Just came back from a short but lovely family break at Horseshoe Bay in Bowen, Qld, Australia. It is one of my favourite beaches in the world and hopefully it stays just like it is for generations to come. (Read: STAY AWAY DEVELOPERS!)
Shot a nice pic of my daughter Emma chatting to the gulls with my Canon G10 ‘snap’ camera. If you like it feel free to grab a copy that suits your screen resolution by clicking the corresponding link below.

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Wallpapers to share

A couple of weeks ago I got up at an ungodly hour to support my wife in a fun run. 300 competitors milled around and when the start gun went and they headed off all that was left were 2 lazy unfit slobs. So I nodded to the other bloke and proceeded to read the paper and wait for the runners to return. I had my Canon G10 snapper with me and took this pretty sunrise pic and thought it would make a nice desktop wallpaper. Feel free to hoover one up by clicking the link that corresponds to your widescreen monitor resolution.

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‘Drive’ – 275km in 2.5 minutes

I bought myself a Canon G10 last week for an upcoming long-term commercial timelapse job. Thought I would give it a quick battery test while driving the between Townsville and Airlie Beach on Saturday to cover Cyclone Hamish. The video contains 2268 frames which only used about 2/5 of the battery in the camera. Great news!
Soundtrack is Nocturn (Even Numbers Remix) by 2Inventions
Click here to watch in 1280x720P high definition

Drive from Cameron Laird – Photographer on Vimeo.

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Handyman with a soldering iron!

Had a bit of a brainwave today and realised I could adapt my cheapo chinese intervalometer (which is AWESOME!) to work with both my 1DMKIII’s and my new G10. I cut the 3 pin N3 type plug (for EOS1DMKIII) off and soldered on a 2.5mm stereo plug wiring it as pictured below.

I then added a 2.5mm female stereo socket to the left over bit of cable with the 3 pin N3 plug wiring it so that it matched up with the wiring as above. Both work perfect!

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