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On an iPhone using iOS4 and having trouble sending photos?

The last thing a photographer needs is to have trouble sending photos!  I’ve been having a problem with my iPhone sending photos and while this isn’t a problem professionally (as I don’t shoot jobs on my iPhone) it has been bugging me.  It appears to be a problem only with iOS4.

A workaround for me was to send the photo as per normal on my iPhone and then go back to the home screen and go to Mail then Mailboxes and then Outbox and you will see the email sitting in there.  You can then click on the message and click ‘Send’ and it will send.  Easy workaround but annoying when you send lots of pics!

The problem seems to be having a Gmail account set up in your mail accounts more than once.  I had an Exchange account set up that was handling and syncing my Google apps account’s mail, contacts and calendar.  I also had the same Google Apps account set up separately just syncing my notes back to GMail.  As soon as I eliminated the second account that was just handling notes the problem was fixed.

So, in short – if seems as though if you have the same GMail or Google Apps account set up in multiple ways in your mail accounts it doesn’t play friendly when you want to send photos.

Let me know in the comments if this works for you!  Good luck!

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Cowboys draw for the 2010 NRL Season

I LOVE Google Calendar and use it as my go-to calendar app on my computers and my iPhone. It is pretty much a perfectly developed calendar application and everything is in sync ALL THE TIME. Perfecto. I have a bunch of different calendars all syncing together and have just finished a North Queensland Cowboys 2010 NRL calendar. I shoot all the Cowboys games so having this calendar is imperative. The beauty with Google Calendars is that you can make them public and share with others. So without further ado…

Calendar links – [XML] – [iCal] – [HTML]

You will note the dates for some of the upcoming rounds aren’t set yet.  This is because the NRL only schedule about six round in advance.  As the NRL announces exact dates and times my calendar will be updated and if you subscribe to it then yours will be too!  The calendar below will automatically update as I change mine. If you are a Google Calendar user you can just click the +Google Calendar at the bottom of the calendar below to subscribe.

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Google Chrome OS launched and now running on my Mac!

Google’s new Chrome operating system was revealed yesterday and won’t officially launched until late next year but as the entire OS has gone “open-source” today it hasn’t taken too long for a very early ‘buggy’ version to be available.  It can only be installed in a virtual machine but what the heck, it’s worth playing with for a self-confessed geek!

More info on the Chrome OS launch at this link, more info on the virtual machine download at this link and a screencast video of it running on my machine below.  Enjoy the geekfest :-)

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Townsville McDonald’s Crocodiles 2008/09 Home game schedule

Stick the dates in your diary or you can subscribe to this calendar by using the links below. To add it directly into Google Calendar simply click the + at the bottom right of the calendar below.

iCal – Link | xml – Link

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Cam’s debut on Google Maps!

In early December last year I was sitting at my desk when my wife Kaya said “That’s funny, a car with a Google sticker and a weird contraption on the roof just drove past”. Being a news man and a geek I tore out the door and chased the car down the street and around a few corners and found it doing laps of our neighbourhood, its first outing in Australia. The guy was kind enough to stop after I had done a few pics and I did a few detail pics of the interior of the car. (I posted this on my blog at the time –

It has been well reported in the past week that Google has now released this street view detail in Australia ( and I didn’t think twice until a colleague remembered my pics of the Google car that were published locally and in metropolitan newspapers throughout the country. He called me up and asked for the address where it was shot. Sure enough – there I am! Not only in one place but two separate places!

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps-2

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps

See the pics in Google Maps at the links below,+Douglas,+QLD+4814,+Australia&sll=-19.312733,146.756744&sspn=0.005265,0.011201&layer=c&ie=UTF8&ll=-19.314971,146.756715&spn=0.001316,0.0028&z=19&cbll=-19.315365,146.756482&panoid=Z_GXyaFjCwQhcxtGsUn7fQ&cbp=1,349.69474496472924,,0,10.895498463218464


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