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A couple of fantastic new iPhone games (that I am playing!)

Grabbed a couple of new iPhone apps – got Sky Burger a week ago and picked up Parachute Panic this morning.  My kids play them quite a lot however they are definitely not just for the youngsters! they are GREAT when you need a ‘time-out’.  Sky Burger uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to perfection, you tilt the phone to catch the falling burger fillings – Parachute Panic uses beautiful graphics and cool sounds to make this another must-have app.  Here’s some screengrabs from both games to whet your appetite! (Sky Burger iTunes store link | Parachute Panic iTunes store link)

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Chasing a new mobile phone on the cheap?

Nokia N96 photoHi guys! My brother is selling a fully unlocked Australian stock Nokia N96 brand new in box (with the included Nokia accessories) as well as the list of extras below.

  • Jabra JX 10 Bluetooth headset
  • Blueant Ezytalk plug in bluetooth handsfree
  • CarComm in car handsfree cradle with external antenna connection
  • Motorokr EQ3 folding speakers for MP3
  • Musthave Portable Power bank – Portable power charger for iPod, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson
  • Flexus wireless headset – can be used for mobile calls or for music player
  • Jabra A125s – Bluetooth music adaptor for Ipod – (for transmitting music from ipod)
  • Silicon skin

If AUS$900 delivered via registered post sounds good to you send me an email to or leave a message in the comments.

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A watch phone you could really wear!

Hyundai has developed a watch phone you could really wear, it looks pretty damn cool – what wouldn’t be cool is walking around with your left arm up to your ear. Anyway – cool concept but I think I’ll stick with my iPhone for now! Check out the video below

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WOW, check this out for new tech!

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iPhone TV advertisement

While I’m not a big Apple fan I must admit this is about as cool as it gets when it comes to style and function of a mobile phone. What ashame it is only 2G!

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