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On an iPhone using iOS4 and having trouble sending photos?

The last thing a photographer needs is to have trouble sending photos!  I’ve been having a problem with my iPhone sending photos and while this isn’t a problem professionally (as I don’t shoot jobs on my iPhone) it has been bugging me.  It appears to be a problem only with iOS4.

A workaround for me was to send the photo as per normal on my iPhone and then go back to the home screen and go to Mail then Mailboxes and then Outbox and you will see the email sitting in there.  You can then click on the message and click ‘Send’ and it will send.  Easy workaround but annoying when you send lots of pics!

The problem seems to be having a Gmail account set up in your mail accounts more than once.  I had an Exchange account set up that was handling and syncing my Google apps account’s mail, contacts and calendar.  I also had the same Google Apps account set up separately just syncing my notes back to GMail.  As soon as I eliminated the second account that was just handling notes the problem was fixed.

So, in short – if seems as though if you have the same GMail or Google Apps account set up in multiple ways in your mail accounts it doesn’t play friendly when you want to send photos.

Let me know in the comments if this works for you!  Good luck!

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Another reason why I love DropBox so much!

Just discovered by chance that I can sync my 1Password keychain easily between all my Mac’s. If you’re not using DropBox I would HIGHLY recommend it! Check this video out.

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